Dr. G.T.Ansdell, D.D

Dr. G.T. Ansdell, D.D. 

  • Born in Canada. 1946PastorGarry
  • Raised in the United States
  • Married in 1965 to present, adopted five children after twenty years of marriage.
  • Three boys and two girls.
  • Restaurant developer 1965-68
  • Bellflower City Bellflower, California 1967-69
  • Licensed real-estate sales, management and property consultant.  1968-73
  • Senior Pastor of Hosanna Christian Fellowship. 1976 to present.
  • Member of the International Press Association. 1999-present
  • Co-Founder of Ambassadors For Peace. 2002 to present.

Dr. Ansdell's commitment is to provide a voice for people of faith in the midst of a world with a desire for democracy but without defined religious freedom. Pastor Ansdell believes it is time for religious differences and rights to be defined by people of faith with a desire for peace -- and not of violence.