Resolution in the Workplace

This pledge for the work place defines a common sense approach for the employer and employee regarding religious freedom. It provides guidelines for both before issues arise.

All belief systems are connected by our common humanity and or personal belief in their creator. We therefore resolve to honor, respect, and acknowledge every individual's right to their faith in the creator.

The individual has the right to debate the facts about his or her religion without fear of reprisal as long as it doesn't interfere with work safety or an employers client.

We pledge that the inalienable rights of all individuals shall be respected.

We pledge to honor the right to discuss our religious beliefs at break or lunch time plus before and after work in mutually consensual conversation.We pledge to recognize the individual's right to believe in the religion of their choice.

We pledge to honor the right of Every co-worker to have the God given right to convert or not to convert to any religion without any change in employment status. We pledge not to oppose or interfere in mutual religious dialogs between co-workers.

We pledge that everyone at the work place can, within company policy, wear religious symbols or have religious books available for themselves as long as work or safety is not impaired.

Each individual from any religion has the right to listen to another individual.

Therefore we pledge that no one shall interfere or disrupt religious discussions that are happening within company time guidelines. We, therefore, agree and pledge that all people have a divine right to share what they know and to live at peace with the results within company policy.


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